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I love serving the world by writing and speaking encouraging, life-giving words to others. I hope you guide you to learn and grow through life's biggest difficulties. I am all about being real, and I hope the words here can encourage you, help you learn something new, and be sunshine for your day! 


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I am an author, podcaster, virtual mentor, Googler, and people-person.

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I also believe in the power of counsel, so I hope to equip you with the wisdom that you need to handle whatever you're walking through. My hope is to guide you to the life God has for you and encourage you to never give up.

I wrote my first story in 1st grade, and I haven't stopped since. I found my faith through my own search - and that's why I wrote a book about Googling Jesus. My passion is to connect life’s biggest questions with faith. I don’t believe that logic and spirituality are in separate cubbies, rather they complement each other.

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A place where young women share real stories of where they've been and what they've learned. Host Ashley Hetherington invites you to listen in on what it looks like to come out of the other side of struggle better than you were before. By listening to each woman's story, we can gain wisdom and persevere through our own spaces, and get a better perspective on this thing called life.

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Grab a beginner's guide to faith by someone who once Googled Jesus.

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