6 Reasons Why You Can Look Up To Elle Woods at the Honey Scoop - legally blonde, legally blonde quotes, elle woods quotes, elle woods

6 Reasons Why You Can Look Up To Elle Woods

Where perseverance meets great fashion sense.

My best friend and I recently watched Legally Blonde. We ate way too many scoops of ice cream because we are both going through some tough things, and we watched how Elle handled all the crap thrown at her. I was reminded of her resilience and perseverance, and that good things can come out of heartbreak.

While recently watching the movie, I found she can be an incredible role model, no matter if you like the color pink or not.

Here are some reasons why Elle is an incredible role model.

6 Reasons Why You Can Look Up To Elle Woods at the Honey Scoop - legally blonde, legally blonde quotes, elle woods quotes, elle woods

1. She Doesn’t Let a Breakup Ruin Her

As most of you know, Elle was dumped by her almost-fiancee-boyfriend at the beginning of Legally Blonde (sorry for the spoiler alert, but really, this movie is not to be taken too seriously). After going to Harvard to try to win him back, she soon realizes that she and her ex are not meant to be. However, instead of leaving Harvard and going back to her old life, Elle continues to reach for her goals in becoming an astounding lawyer. Slowly, her focus shifts away from her potential fiancee and toward her the open doors in-front of her.

2. Believe in “Dress Well, Test Well”

Elle is continuously seen in fabulous outfits (and might I say, they were screaming early 2000’s). When going in for class at Harvard and even her LSAT’s, she was dressed well. This is never mentioned in the movie, but I strongly believe that if we dress well, we feel better, and then we test better. This is something I can take away from this movie, because Elle scored a whopping 179 on her LSAT’s. If you’re normally a sweatpants and sweatshirt girl on test day, no need to fret! Maybe try this theory out, and see if it suits you. Like Oscar Wilde said, “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.”

3. Strive to Be a Good Friend

Elle is always putting others before herself. Despite how busy her law school life is, she makes time for others. For example, she encourages her nail salon friend Paulette to talk to the UPS guy, and try out the effective “bend and snap.” I’m not saying we should all start bending and snapping all over the place (even though it has a high success rate), but Elle didn’t have to go out of her way to give Paulette this advice. Additionally, Elle helps her friend gain ownership of her dog (legally, of course) from her degrading ex. She is not afraid to stand up for the defenseless.

Also, while out and about, she overhears her guy friend being made fun of while asking a girl on a date. Elle quickly turns around and slaps him, acting like he had “played” her. And of course she is smart enough to know that most girls tend to want guys that don’t particularly treat other girls right, and immediately the girl wanted to go out with him. Elle is a genius.

Whether it’s keeping the Alibi from her Delta-Nu sister a secret, or putting on her dog Bruiser’s favorite TV channel, Elle is constantly willing to be a friend to someone.

4. She Doesn’t Let the Opinions of Others Shape Her

At Harvard, Elle has trouble meeting people who share the same girly interests as her. Many of the girls make fun of her for her peppy and bubbly personality. However, no matter how many times she is laughed at or made fun of, she keeps her head up high (even when she showed up to a party dressed in a Halloween costume). Elle has confidence and stays true to her fabulous self, regardless of what people think.

5. She Proves It Is Good To Be Smart

It always makes me sad when I notice a girl who tries to act dumb just to please a guy. Girls, it is not “cute” to act dumb; it is actually a major turn-off. We have been given brains. Why not use them?!

Without being prideful, Elle embraces her brain power and isn’t afraid to hit the books. She graduates top of her class, at Harvard. Yes, I know this is fictional, but I can’t help but admire her ambition. She proves to the world that it is attractive to be smart and to embrace your intelligence to its full potential.

6. She Forgives Easily, and Gracefully

When Elle finds her ex at Harvard, she is soon introduced to his fiancee, Vivian. She and Vivian basically despise each other right off the bat, but soon, believe it or not, they become friends. Once Vivian starts to see Warner’s true colors, she starts warming up to Elle, who immediately welcomes her with open arms. She doesn’t hold a grudge, no matter how mean Vivian was to her initially. At the end of the movie, it is revealed that Elle and Vivian have become best friends. To all the bitter girls out there, your “enemy” might not be so bad after all. Show grace towards those who don’t like you, and you might be surprised by the results.

Elle is a terrific role model, inside and out. Legally Blonde is a great movie to watch when you’re needing to persevere through life’s challenges. All in all, I hope we can keep Elle Wood’s shining confidence in our heads as we face these new challenges and new joys. I hope Elle can remind you that a little bit of sassiness, classiness, grace and ambition can go a long, long way.

Xoxo, Ash at the Honey Scoop

October 29, 2018



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