you can make beauty out of ashes

If you are walking through family wounds, whether it be from divorce, poor relationships, lack of boundaries, or even addiction - there is hope for you. You can have a new normal. You will be okay. And you really can make beauty out of ashes. 

When my dad said the words "Your mother and I are getting a divorce" on a car ride to Barnes and Noble, I felt that very same way. Immediately, I checked online to see if there was anything to help you get through your parent's divorce. I found a couple of resources, but nothing that would really take you from "my world is crashing down" to - "okay, I can get through this".

Have you ever felt like your family was falling apart?

Heal from you past.
Hope for your future.  

This course will help you move through your family wounds through practical tools so you can heal from your past and hope for a second chance at family.


Beauty for ashes

Hope for a second chance at family

Let go of anger and learn how to forgive

Grow in community with other women who are working through their families

Learn how to honor your parents while also setting healthy boundaries with toxic behavior

Walk through difficult family transitions such as divorce, death, addiction, or just poor relationships

Heal from family wounds that have shaped the way you see yourself and your future

Healing from family wounds, the tools you need to have healthy relationships, work through trust issues and tear down the walls you've built for yourself, overcome fear in communication, how to hope for your future family and make changes now that will affect the future, and of course, provide you with a community to cheer you on along the way!

In this 6-week program, I will share everything on...

About the course:

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From video modules, a Bible reading plan, workbook with journaling prompts, practical application, and a built-in community, this course will provide you with the tools you need to heal from your wounds and hope for a second chance at family. 

healing from your family trauma and hoping for your future!

Join me as I walk you through...

Yes, this is exactly what I need!

I'm hosting live video calls to answer any questions you might have as well as welcome guest speakers to share crucial information on different issues we are walking through, such as setting boundaries, divorce, and forgiveness.

Live Video Sessions 

Walk through these difficult family wounds with like-minded community to support you on your journey!

A built-in Facebook community

You'll have access to a workbook that will take you through the course curriculum.

Workbook with guided questions

Dive into the word as you heal from these wounds and lean on the Lord to renew your mind.

Bible study plan to guide you

Each week, there will be a video to help you move in your healing process.

In-depth Video Modules 

What's included?

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 I'm ready to join for $95! 

Module 6:
Hope for a second chance at family

Module 5:
What to do in the waiting

Module 4
How to set boundaries to better your family relationships

Module 3
Breaking generational curses

Module 2:
Letting go of anger and walking towards forgiveness

Module 1:
Feel what you need to heal

What's inside the program: 

You are sick of how your home-life has been and you want to see change.


When you are not looking forward to your future family anymore because you don't think you're worthy of a healthy family...


When you've tried planned-out discussions, avoiding the problem, and just surviving, but still feel like you're not making progress...


You want to let go of bitterness and strengthen family bonds...


This program is for you if...


Once you open up, face your fears and have faith in God, wonderful things will happen."

"As a child of divorce and now an adult of divorces...Ashley's course has given me hope and expanded my faith.

Gabrielle L.

It provides valuable truth and tools for anyone struggling with bitterness or disappointment in family relationships. I’m confident God will use mightily!"

"This course is saturated with Gospel-centered forgiveness.

Elisabeth B.

You should totally do it - it restored my faith in God and I know it will restore yours too!"

"This makes me so excited to get my life on track and with Jesus.


Price will go up closer to the launch-date. Scared to make the investment? This is just a little more than one therapy session!

(limited time offer)

If you sign up now, you get the EARLY bird special of $95! Or signup for a payment plan of 3X $31.

Lifetime access to the Facebook group of Beauty for Ashes

Free challenge on the book of Ruth


What's included if you join today: 

How much does it cost?

Your healing is possible. Your breakthrough is right around the corner. And yes, there really can be beauty from ashes. 

I'm  ready to heal from family wounds and hope for my future.