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Yesterday, a huge wasp plopped down on my computer. It was just hanging out, listening to music from my iMac speakers. And this very same wasp taught me how to face my fears. I had two options: to freak out, scream, and try to kill the dang thing, which would probably end in up me […]

How To Face Our Fears


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We can’t get healing from something we don’t know is there. This past week, I got tested for coronavirus. And it taught me a whole lot about healing. Shortly after graduation weekend, I learned that several people I was with tested positive for corona. When I found this out, I juggled with the idea of […]

Let’s grow through what we go through. This Mother’s Day, my mom and I planted flowers, in typical Mother’s Day fashion. First, I watched her dig the hole with full-force. Then she added Miracle Grow along with the lil baby flower. Lastly, she covered the flower with soil and sprinkled water on top.  So I […]

Happiness is not a destination. It’s easy to think that happiness is found in a circumstance.  I have fallen for the belief that I’ll only find happiness when a certain thing happens. Here are some of my “when and then” statements I’ve believed.  I believed that when I: get the perfect body, then I’ll be happy. marry […]

How to Be Happy at the Honey Scoop

To the senior, your story doesn’t end here. Dear senior, You thought you had time. You thought you had two more months of late nights eating junk food with your best friends after a date party. Of walking through the quad to your favorite class with your favorite professor. Of meeting your best friends for […]