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What it looks like to fight for hope. Trusting God is a lot easier when everything is going right. It’s a lot harder when nothing is working the way you planned. For awhile now, I’ve felt like I haven’t been transparent in these posts. I haven’t been honest with you about what’s really going on […]

What It’s Like To Trust God in the Storm


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Listen to Emily’s words of wisdom in persevering through a season of struggle. Emily shares what she has learned through this season of two big transitions – her dad getting cancer, and studying abroad. Emily discusses what it’s like to stay in the light when the darkness seems tempting, and holding on to truth when […]

Even with all the busy schedules and endless priorities. The summer is a good time to relax, read yo bible, and just be at bliss with Jesus. But then the school year hits, and life is a whirlwind, and you have 8 million priorities to juggle. And consequently, Jesus takes the back-burner. I hope He’s […]

Wise words from a wise woman I am blessed to have a wonderful human being as a Grandma. My Grandma is loyal, fierce and strong. She is 82-years-old, but she certainly doesn’t act like it. Still sharp and funny as ever, and I still would not mess with her. In the last couple of years, […]

Where you start does not determine where you go. Chasing a dream is not easy. Especially when circumstances are against you – and self-doubt, comparison, and insecurity start to rob you of your potential. But I’ve realized that small beginnings are great beginnings. In the last couple of months, I decided to plant a website […]

Do Not Despise Your Small Beginning at the Honey Scoop