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Relationship advice from an authentic dude. It can be hard to get relationship advice, let alone from a guy. We can get caught up in the read-receipted texts, if we said something wrong, or if there’s ever going to be a second date. These are all questions that us girls ponder, and sometimes we wonder […]

10 Things Girls Do That Guys Can’t Stand


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Okay, so you might be thinking this is a little ridiculous. Before I started to notice anxiety in my own dog, I didn’t even know this was a possibility for dogs. But after seeing dog anxiety symptoms in her, I am certain that this is something that many pups struggle with. And what’s worse is […]

4 Signs Your Dog Might Have Anxiety at the Honey Scoop - dog anxiety, dog anxiety essential oils, dog anxiety remedies, dog stuff, dog quotes, dog humor

To all the mothers: This one is for you. Ah, Mother’s Day. A holiday full of reminiscing, nostalgia, and appreciation for the one person who just gets us. Mom’s do a lot for us, and they never really get much credit. They listen to us cry, they tell us to get the heck back on our feet, […]

To Every Daughter's Hero at the Honey Scoop

By: Carrie Bantz Alright people, we have a problem. So get ready, buckle down, and allow yourself to hear these words of truth that might cause you to rethink the way you look at this magical thing we call the heart. “Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are […]

Let’s face it, breakups suck. They really do. If you are reading this and you just got out of a relationship, whether it was your will or the other party’s, it still stings the same. And whether you were dating for 4 years or 4 months, the pain is will still linger. And sister, you […]