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Yesterday, a huge wasp plopped down on my computer. It was just hanging out, listening to music from my iMac speakers. And this very same wasp taught me how to face my fears. I had two options: to freak out, scream, and try to kill the dang thing, which would probably end in up me […]

How To Face Our Fears


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We can believe good things are around the corner. I used to think life would never get better. I know that sounds pretty darn mopey, but it’s true. And I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s struggled with this thought process. This past year, I went through one of the hardest times in my […]

The three things to consider before jumping to a yes. I like making people happy, and a good way to do that is by always saying yes. Saying yes is easy, like clockwork, and it delights people. As someone who easily falls into people pleasing, saying no doesn’t come very easy for me. But I’ve […]

We judge others based on what we feel insecure about. Judging someone is easy. To say what’s really on your mind when the opportunity presents itself. To just simply say how we feel because we are right and this person just doesn’t quite get the message here. Does this thinking sound familiar? I fall victim […]

Worrying about the journey is a waste of time. I am not the best version of myself in the passenger seat. It’s not that I don’t like driving, it’s just that I don’t like being in the front seat, where I most likely micro-manage the person that’s driving (I’m that girl). I clench the door handle when we slow down super close […]

Why The Driver Of Your Life Can Be Trusted at the Honey Scoop