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Summary Welcome! This platform was created to provide practical application and encouragement for young Christian women and the experiences of twenties.  By selecting “I agree and consent” and/or by using thehoneyscoop.com (the “Site”), enrolling in the Beauty For Ashes Course (and any future courses (the “Courses”), and/or purchasing access to the The Honey Scoop Community […]


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Divorce hurts. But the hurt will not last forever. If you’ve clicked on this post, I know you’re probably going through the wringer. Dealing with our parents divorce is one of the hardest things we’ll have to face. And I am so excited to speak some hope into your home today. This blog post goes […]

We can’t get healing from something we don’t know is there. This past week, I got tested for coronavirus. And it taught me a whole lot about healing. Shortly after graduation weekend, I learned that several people I was with tested positive for corona. When I found this out, I juggled with the idea of […]

Let’s grow through what we go through. This Mother’s Day, my mom and I planted flowers, in typical Mother’s Day fashion. First, I watched her dig the hole with full-force. Then she added Miracle Grow along with the lil baby flower. Lastly, she covered the flower with soil and sprinkled water on top.  So I […]