Stationary Must-Haves For College at the Honey Scoop

10 Stationery Must-Haves For College

College’s favorite accessory.

College is a great time to become obsessed with stationary.

Whether it’s between the endless notebooks, colored pens, or desk organizers: it can be hard to resist. Because I am a writer, I already had this bug early in the game where I bought notebooks I didn’t need- but just gave me tremendous comfort. It’s weird how I can find comfort in empty notebooks (please don’t think I’m weird).


Along with being unconventionally obsessed with stationary, I also love organization. If I’m organized, I am a happy gal. Always been that way. And these items below will help you feel just a little bit more like you have your life together, because we all need to feel that way from time to time.

School is hard. So why not make it a little bit better with wonderful notepads and knickknacks? #signmeup.

So without further ado, I’ll introduce you to school’s favorite accessory. Here are the top college stationery must-haves.

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1. Laptop Sleeve

Laptop Sleeve - Stationary Must-Haves For College at the Honey Scoop

For the longest time I didn’t have a computer case, and I regret it. I want to make sure my laptop is protected from any dirt or from getting scuffed up, because who wants that in their life? I also like knowing that my laptop is being treated with love, because I like to think that it actually has feelings. Another reason I love having one is that if I fall on my butt and my laptop is in my backpack, I can rest knowing that my laptop will survive.

This one is from Kate Spade, and I got it for sale at an outlet. Kate Spade is a good go-to because everything is good quality.

2. Notepads on notepads

Notepad- Stationary Must-Haves For College at the Honey Scoop

Notepad- Stationary Must-Haves For College at the Honey Scoop

If you like to think frantically, consider getting a notepad for your desk where you can jot down all your thoughts right when you think them. Sometimes my thoughts distract me, but when I remember something I really need to do, I am able to remember it for the future. In the past this has been the word SPOONS written in all caps with nothing else on the page (waste of a page, amiright) because it had been literal days since I had spoons in my drawer. And I unfortunately had to eat yogurt for breakfast with a fork, which I would not recommend.

3. A pencil pouch

Pencil Pouch- Stationary Must-Haves For College at the Honey Scoop

As I was saying, school is hard. But it gets so much easier to bear when you can have a cute pencil pouch to keep you company while you are taking notes for class. Or just trying to plan your life.

I love this one because it comes with a cute eraser that says “to err is human”- how cute is Kate Spade. It also includes a ruler, two pencils, and a pencil sharpener. That’s academic prosperity right there.

4. A padfolio

Padfolio- Stationary Must-Haves For College at the Honey Scoop

I can make lists like it is my J O B, so this comes in handy. I love using this padfolio during my day, when I want to make a list before I put that info in my planner, or I want to write down my ideas for an assignment before I get started. I also will organize my week in these pages before I write in my planner (you can tell how anal I am about plans, if you haven’t noticed).

5. Planner

Planner - Stationary Must-Haves For College at the Honey Scoop

The Day Designer Planner has literally saved my life. Like thank you God for instilling this idea in someone’s heart.

I love it because it provides a to-do list and an area where you can time block your day. So you can write down all your crap for the day, and then actually implement it into the times of your day so it actually gets done.

Since I love dinner, I am very appreciative of the category on each day page that says “Dinner” and I can write plans. I might be alone in loving that, but it just makes me so excited to plan meeting with people, and I can remind myself of that when I am grinding on a lot of work. It also has a “don’t forget” category, as well as many others. It is well worth the investment, and it has flowers on it- so what’s not to like?

6. Cute mug for pens

Cute mug - Stationary Must-Haves For College at the Honey Scoop

Mugs are not just for drinking, friends. They can also be for decor.

I am not a huge fan of pencil holders. So when I saw a mug being used for pen storage, I thought it was the cutest thing. Because let’s face it- mugs are wonderful, and what better way than to use their cuteness than for decoration? I love this blue and white one, as well as this one from Anthropologie.

7. File folder

File folders - Stationary Must-Haves For College at the Honey Scoop

This is a great way to keep everything in place. If you like to organize, I recommend getting one with a bunch of cute file folders. I labeled some of mine as advising (for classes), Journalism (my major),  cards, and sorority. I even have one for my old major, education, which I should probably get rid of that one soon. But you can use these for just about everything, and making sure all your papers are kept in one place.

8. Cute scissors

Scissors - Stationary Must-Haves For College at the Honey Scoop

This one speaks for itself. Having your scissors and stapler match is all the more power to you. But either way, having cute scissors will definitely be a good plus. I keep my scissors in my mug with all of my pens, and they keep everyone company.

And I should probably stop thinking that my stationary has personalities and “keeping them comfortable”. That is unnecessary and I’m sorry, reader, that I have to put you through this. But part of me is also hoping that you would relate on some wavelength.

9. Phone sticker pocket

This item is a must for any college student. Instead of always having to dig through your wallet to get into your dorm or buy something from the market, it is so much easier to just have your student ID close and ready for anything. I recommend getting one from Kate Spade because they last forever, and they are also really cute.

10. Notebook

Notebook - Stationary Must-Haves For College at the Honey Scoop

Last, but not least, you need a notebook. Whether to write down your thoughts, or to write down your prayers- either is necessary. And all the more to you if it has an inspirational quote on the front of it.

So I hope you feel prepared and ready for having a lovely desk in your dorm room. It really makes all the difference, even if it’s just a mug. And a lovely mug at that.



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April 16, 2018



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