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In college, you can follow the breadcrumbs instead. I was scrolling on LinkedIn when I began to feel like absolute crap. With each second I scrolled, I saw a new post about someone’s job opportunity. Someone’s summer internship. Someone’s prestigious career move. I wasn’t happy for these people, to be honest with you. Instead, I […]

Dear College Students: You Don’t Need To Have It All Figured Out


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It may or may not have been a mistake. I got bangs. And before you freak out on me, give me a sec to explain my thought process. My hairstyle has been the same for what feels like a century. I haven’t dyed it or done anything drastic to switch it up. And one day, […]

Working out can help your spiritual health, too. Working out is hard for me. It’s tough for me to block out one hour of a busy day, throw on a pair of tight leggings, and trudge my butt to the gym. Getting there feels a whole lot worse than leaving. But I realized, within the […]

Cleaning your bathroom doesn’t need to drain you anymore. If you’re just getting back to college for the 2nd semester, you’re familiar with the grueling process of cleaning your bathroom. I share a bathroom with another one of my housemates, and cleaning it is a task I so very dread. But I love cleanliness, so […]

Because stuffy noses are a regular friend in the winter season. It all started in the middle of the night. I woke up sweating with a blistering headache and an unbearable stuffy nose. Sadly, this was just the beginning. The day after, I trudged my butt over to the health center, where they put me […]