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My coincidental story with online dating. This summer, I tried out dating apps. Many of you have some success, but I got ghosted after a coincidental meetup, that was never planned. And while yes, I did feel a little down after that, I learned a little bit more about how to successfully date. Listen to […]

How To Bumble In Real Life


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Everything you need to know about taking a gap year. Zahra shares her story about taking a gap year after freshman year. She left school to get back on track with spiritual, physical and mental health. She emphasizes how you can use this time as an opportunity to recalibrate, grow in your relationship with God, go to […]

The Benefits Of Taking A Gap Year - gap year, college advice, freshman advice, inspiration

How to thrive in college by stressing less and investing more in people Kat Mena pulled regular all-nighters during her freshman year of college. But after a couple months of staying at the library until 3AM, she found that she was completely lonely, and not surrounded by an uplifting community. She realized she needed to […]

Listen to Emily’s words of wisdom in persevering through a season of struggle. Emily shares what she has learned through this season of two big transitions – her dad getting cancer, and studying abroad. Emily discusses what it’s like to stay in the light when the darkness seems tempting, and holding on to truth when […]

Caroline shares her story of being a survivor, and not a victim, of sexual assault. Sexual assault is really hard to talk about. And it’s more prevalent than we might think, especially for young women. One-in-five women on college campuses will be assaulted.  Additionally, only 20% of female college students report their assault to law enforcement.  Clearly, […]

I Found Freedom After Sexual Assault - The Honey Scoop